What is Search Focus?

Search Focus is the top SEO provider for enterprise SaaS and technology companies. We are known for our organic first approach to search, achieving big results, always delivering, and high velocity organic growth. We are located in Destin, Florida and service a select set of enterprise customers around the globe. Our customers are primarily technology companies, who have no time for failure, and have very ambitious goals.

Search Focus' origins started when the founder, who used to build award winning software for NASA's space program, started developing software to solve complex marketing problems over 15 years ago. To date the company has served dozens of enterprise products and each one has been highly successful at reaching their goals.

Search Focus offers the most complete SEO program available and has boasted an ROI for customers that has returned dozens of dollars in new revenue for every dollar spent.

SEO Success
Pipeline Growth (3 yrs)
Organic Search Entrances (Y/Y)
New Revenue per $1 Spent
#1 Ranking High Revenue Keywords
Private Equity Growth

Proven in Private Equity & Venture Capital

While SEO does take time to build up, our programs tend to see success far quicker than other offerings on the market. For this reason and our proven positive ROI, our services are an excellent fit for companies that are looking to invest in growth to sell opportunities.

Does Search Focus Offer More Than SEO?

Search Focus' primary objective is to offer the top search program to our customers. While we do lead with SEO in our organic first approach, we do offer other first class services, such as paid search, content creation, creative design, analytics, and translation. These are essential for demand generation to have highly positive ROI. We've solved all of these challenges to get big returns for customers and have highly effective and efficient processes for each.

However, all other offerings beyond SEO are considered extended services to existing customers and are not available as standalone services. This allows us to stay true to our name and stay focused on your search success.

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