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Translation SEO to Reach Your Global Audience

A successful translation strategy is not just about translating content, its about doing it as efficient as possible. Then once its translated you have to apply a Global SEO strategy to help it rank for the languages your targeting. Search Focus has the complete global SEO strategy you need deliver top results.

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Not all keywords/pages make sense to translate from an ROI perspective. We'll help you find out which ones are winners.


Costs to translate content can vary widely. Search Focus has mastered translation ROI and can help make your process more efficient so you can translate more.


Once translated, pages need to be promoted internally and externally. Search Focus has everything you need to deliver top ranking translation pages.

Unmatched Organic Translation

Search Focus offers translation services in two flavors; SEO after translation and full service. Pick the option that works for your enterprise products.

Translation has many unique challenges that can block your success. Search Focus has solutions to the complex problems that will save your company thousands of hours in managing Translation SEO.


At many companies translation costs can really hold you back. Search Focus has a highly efficient process for getting translated by professionals and keeping costs to a minimum.


Networking your translated content will help your pages perform far better on search engines. Search Focus offers exceptional content networking in a variety of translations.

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