Paid Search

Ultra Efficient Campaigns that Focus on Serious Buyers

Search Focus has a very different view of paid search than most agencies, since we do so well in organic search. We primarily use paid search to reach serious buyers that organic search cannot reach. This saves you money and drives strong paid search ROI. Paid Search management is an extended service, and is only available to SEO customers.

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Paid Search

While most agencies will scan for bad traffic every so often, Search Focus runs very aggressive negative keyword detection so you won't get bad clicks recurring. Our campaigns have been highly efficient with 49 of 50 clicks being serious buyers.


Search Focus offers audience targeting specialization so you can run effective ABM campaigns that reach your biggest customers for sales, upsells, and renewals.

SEO Synergies

SEO works great in conjunction with Paid Search when highly coordinated. Not all keyword targets can be effectively targeted with SEO. Paid search enables you to cover your gaps.

The Paid Search Program that Gets the Most Out of Your Budget

Search Focus is the agency that enables you to put more money into your campaigns and less money managing them. We also do flat fee management and not a percentage of your spend, so enterprise dollar goes a lot further.
Reduce Click Fraud

We have unique strategies that avoid the common click fraud that occurs during paid search.

Revenue First Approach

Most agencies focus on upper funnel numbers like traffic and leads, which can be hollow. We focus on down funnel metrics like pipeline and revenue.

Deep Analytics

Many enterprises have trouble connecting their paid campaigns to what makes them successful. We'll help you get the numbers you need to make a real ROI analysis.

Custom Technology

We are masters of data because better data leads to better campaigns. We are one of the rare search programs that build custom scripts and reports to get the data you need to tune better.

Non-brand Focus

We don't waste your budget selling your name back to yourself when you would have got it for free. We focus on new serious buyers.

Video and Display Ads

Paid Search is exceptional at using media to reach your customers. Display ads (images) and YouTube (videos) are also a part of our search program.

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