SEO Innovation

Merging Technology and SEO Experience

We use our search expertise and combine it with development to produce cutting edge SEO technology to give you an advantage over your competitors.

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SEO Innovation

We use our development skills to solve hard SEO problems and to enable capabilities that normally wouldn't be possible.


Search Focus has a deep under the hood understanding of web requests and how they function, so we can help you get custom data points, even when they don't exist in your tracking solutions.

Web & Publishing

Search Focus is a unique blend of SEO and development working together, which helps build better websites and features that normally wouldn't have been proposed that will save you time and money.

Using Technology to Bring SEO Together

There are plenty of great tools and data sets available, but many are siloed. Search Focus discovers the information you need and unifies it so it can unlock new growth.

We work with the data form a variety of analytics platforms to powerful data on your KPIs.

BI Tools

We have experience in a variety of BI tools and can help you spot and fix blind spots and holes in your data.

Server-side Programming

We are experts in backend development and can build powerful features that run in our datacenter.

Frontend Development

We can build custom scripts that help you track your success on your website.


We work with a variety of databases to give you the ultimate views of your success and paths of growth.

Cookies, Sessions, & Rules

Data not making sense? We are experts in working with cookies, sessions, channeling rules, and URL parameters and will help you find challenging problems and help you solve them.

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