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Search Focus offers highly effective technical SEO services and audits to ensure your pages have maximized SEO value.

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Technical SEO

Don't chase your tail with thousands of changes that will make little to no impact on your results. We focus on the high impact changes that move your numbers.


Our technical SEO analysis is extensive and will identify critical areas for improvement. Our keyword pages tend to require substantially less effort to rank #1 than other competitors.

Attack Prevention

Search Focus provides extensive site health monitoring, prevention, and mitigation against malicious organic attacks that are common against enterprise websites.

Success is Easier with Search Focus

With a limited budget, you'll want to maximize the baseline SEO value of all your pages. This will enable you to achieve more with less and deliver on an SEO strategy with a large target.
Template Analysis

Build templates for your web publishers that get maximum SEO value out of content and avoid SEO pitfalls.

Detection Automation

Monitor technical SEO issues across your enterprise content network to identify problems quickly.


Our experience in technical SEO for enterprise websites helps you avoid common web development mistakes.


Our technical SEO analysis is up to date with today's code, tags, and practices so your content can take advantage of new SERP features.

Detection Rules

Our custom built technology supports detection rules to eliminate false/intended warnings.

Prevent Malicious Attacks

Most enterprise websites will experience organic malicious attacks to try to sink your rank. Search Focus can help you prevent, detect, or mitigate these issues.

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