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ROI Positive

The company will fetch more at sale if you can show its marketing engine is highly ROI positive and its not tied to maintaining excessive headcount.

Market Leader

Becoming the organic search leader gives you maximum exposure in your market and ultimately affects your position by analysts.


After the sale, the SEO program can be maintained by the new owner and is not at risk during merger attrition.

Building Value to Sell

Get maximum value for your companies and assets by turning them into search leaders before you sell.
Increase Revenue

Increasing annual revenue makes the company far more valuable at sale. Organic search is the proven marketing leader for driving new revenue and earning renewals.

Value that Persists After Sale

The organic growth built is portable and will keep on generating traffic, leads, pipeline, and revenue long after the sale.

Recession Proof

In questionable economic conditions an organic first demand generation engine is worth far more than one that leans on paid search. Without budget paid search dries up, while a Search Focus organic program will continue to produce strong numbers.

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