Analytics Management & Architecture for Serious Marketers

Our Analytics management and & architecture programs help you build a first class analytics program that unlocks growth paths. Our analytics services are an extended service, and are only available to SEO customers.

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Analytics Management & Architecture

We have extensive experience in working with analytics data from a variety of sources and can spot problems and prevent mistakes before they happen.


We aren't afraid to get under the hood and apply custom development to give you an edge.


We can help you with Management and migration of your analytics applications.

Need an Analytics Overhaul?

If your a company that needs to overhaul its analytics to get to the next level, Search Focus can help you strategize a first class analytics system.

We can help you build a flawless channeling system that accurately tracks your efforts, even without a tracking provider.


Most tracking providers leave you wanting more when it comes to multi-touch attribution. Search Focus can help you close the gaps and give you full visibility.

Technical Analytics

Most enterprises are analyzing their campaigns with some form of faulty data and they don't know it. We'll help you spot blind spots, holes, and faulty data and tell you how to fix them.

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