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Identify the Ways to Effectively Promote Organic Content

Publishing content is never enough to rank for highly competitive keywords. You'll need to paint an exceptional picture to search engines that your content should be taken seriously. Search Focus has created unique opportunity discovery tools to find these for you.

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SEO Opportunity Discovery
Scan Your Content Network

Search your entire content network, including multiple domains, for keyword opportunity improvements.

Enterprise Support

Our tools can scan millions of webpages, making opportunity detection on large scale websites feasible and easy.

Rank Better

Executing our high-impact opportunities help your pages perform better and enable you to pick a winning page when multiple winning candidates exist.

Robust Opportunity Discovery

Search Focus customers can take advantage of our extensive opportunity scans that help you turn your large sets of content into a highly effective promotion engine.
Link Networking

Find all the high value pages that exist on your content network to promote your content.

Leak Detection

Find SEO leaks on your website that are passing SEO value to your competitors, even when its happening multiple levels deep.

Strategy Enforcement

Search Focus tools are unique to the market as they pivot around your SEO strategy vs a generic model, so they are capable to enforcing your strategy.

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