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Laying the foundation of any SEO program is content and at Search Focus we've mastered efficiently producing highly effective content on a large scale.

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Content Creation

We produce high quality content on technical marketing topics that reach your customers and we do it for far less than most agencies.


When our fully executed against the SEO strategy, our content has over a 90% success rate at reaching a Top 3 position.


We have a streamlined content creation process that enables content to be produced quickly in mass so you cover your keyword gaps.

The Content Program that Delivers Maximum ROI

Overpaying for content limits your ability to have robust keyword coverage and restricts your ability to promote it. We've mastered content creation to give you a major advantage over your competitors.
Content Writing

Our content writers deliver in-depth articles that are highly effective at targeting your keywords.


Research on the topics is included in our content packages. Don't pay extra for things writers should be doing anyway.

AI Free

All our content is created by a professional writer and does not use AI technology.

Plagiarism Check

All content gets check by our plagiarism tools to ensure it is unique and valuable.

Image Creation

Search Focus also has a streamlined image creation process that creates unique enterprise quality images.

Easiest Path to Win

A Search Focus SEO strategy targets content types that give you the easiest path to victory in highly competitive space.

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