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Detailed Analytics that Help Tune Results

Great analytics is one of the keys to great organic success. To achieve it you'll need an agency that understands deep organic analytics and how to achieve it.

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Organic Analytics, SEO Analytics
Unique Data Points

Our SEO approach is very development savvy and we know how to gain access to critical data points you need to hit your KPIs.

Custom Reports

Search Focus can build custom reports with your data sets to unlock growth for your SEO program.

Strategy Tuning

We'll find out which organic pages are driving your KPIs enable them to perform better.

Better Analytics for Better Results

Search Focus uses a variety of analytics to determine your strongest means to grow against your KPIs and adjusts accordingly so you deliver the biggest impact.
Google Analytics

We are experts in Google Analytics and help you break down your site traffic and user experience.

Google Search Console

We use GSC data and custom technology to find your low hanging fruit for your KPIs. We also use GSC to mitigate organic attacks on your website.

Rank Monitoring

Large SEO programs have hundreds of high volume and revenue keywords to track and may even have translation variations. We track it all so you can see your progress in real-time.

Custom KPI Reports

Sometimes BI tools won't have everything you need to match your program to your KPIs. If the data points are there we can build custom reports to get down to the details.

ROI Reports

Its important to tie your organic success to your KPIs to show how they are impacting the company's bottom line. We build custom ROI reports for our customers.

Competitor & Market Analytics

We give you a market analysis that shows where you stand among your competitors. We also break down your competitors in great detail so you can see how they strategize.

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